Motivational Maps 


“I made contact with Joy when I was very unsettled and unhappy in my job, in the hope she could offer some positive solutions as to how I could move on.  At Joy’s suggestion, I completed a Motivational Map to establish what drives me or, alternatively, demotivates me.  The outcome of the map was interesting and revealed exactly how I felt about carrying out certain elements of my job role.  It made me think about what I needed to look for in a job and also what I needed to avoid.  The thing I most remember is being told that undertaking what I consider to be a pointless task is something that I find very demotivating.  This result summed up exactly how I felt in my job.

I met with Joy on several occasions to decide on an action plan.  These sessions involved talking through my feelings about where I saw myself in the future, including envisaging surroundings and people.  Sometimes delving into how I felt seemed uncomfortable but I soon realised it was important and that there were no right or wrong answers to the questions.  I enjoyed these meetings and Joy made them an uplifting experience.

I was told to keep thinking positively about where I wanted to be in the future and Joy assured me things would happen.  I was slightly sceptical but am pleased to say she was right and I was head-hunted for a new role which ticks most of the boxes on my wish list.”

Jackie Quazi – Individual client 


“I had the opportunity to explore Motivational Maps with Joy and following completion of an easy questionnaire had a very fruitful review of my three strongest motivators which Joy facilitated so that I could interpret the results and appreciate the impacts these had on my behaviour in the workplace.

Having worked as a line manager for many years I was aware that motivating staff is a critical skill, however what was not so apparent to me was that my own motivations in the workplace could be such an influence on my peers on a daily basis; understanding my profile better enabled me to consciously adapt my communication style with colleagues whose motivations may be quite different from mine. I was able to put these into practice rapidly and was very impressed with how I could positively influence situations and produce a more effective communication.”

Sarah Mardle – Global QA Manager, Cambridge


“As a HR practitioner for a fledging SME we have a high graduate intake, this comes with the issue of high staff turnover amongst our graduates. After considering our options I decided to trial an introduction of diagnostic profiling tools as part of our recruitment selection process. After posting a discussion on the LinkedIn CIPD forum I was approached by Joy with the introduction of the Motivational Map.

Throughout my dealings with Joy I found her very professional and approachable. She was very willing to take the time to understand the business, listen to our problems and very consultative on explaining how the Motivational Map can assist with our aims and objectives.

Prior to fully introducing the Motivational Map as part of our selection process, Joy took time and spent a day with our organisation, reviewing all existing employees’ map with specific one to one discussions and finally met with the Directors and myself to provide a brief overview on how to interpret results from the Motivational Map. She suggested future action points on how to better manage our current employees whilst also offering ideas towards our future intake.

The Motivational Map has definitely provided assurance to people that they are often capable of performing task set for them, yet it highlights they mostly do not perform to their maximum capacity and this is often related to their desire hence motivation to achieve.

Our experience with Joy has allowed our management team to better understand our staff’s individual mind set and has really help with our understanding of how in order to better manage we need to tailor our methods according to each individual’s needs and wants.”

Winnie Chung


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Joy Bemrose, an insightful specialist with a wealth of knowledge about what motivates people at work and who uses a profiling tool called a Motivational Map®.     The information I gained from the report and a conversation with Joy helped me to understand why some work challenges were causing me concern and helped me make a key decision.   This was of immediate benefit and will guide me in future decisions, helping me to maintain my current high level of motivation in what I do.   This is so valuable given that we spend so much of our lives at work.  Matching our skills and experience with job roles is vital, however doing work which fulfils and motivates is essential if we are to be productive and perform well.  I discovered that this is a powerful tool for companies looking to understand their employees’ motivations.

Sonia Thurlow – Director


General HR 


“Our company had experimented with both in-house and outsourced HR services in the past, and were looking for the flexibility that an outsourced provider could deliver.  We selected Joy from a number of candidates, and have been delighted with her responsiveness, as HR challenges can never be scheduled in advance!  The ability to bring different perspectives into different HR conversations has been valuable, and our line managers have benefitted from being able to talk through the best options for dealing with difficult situations and receive friendly and supportive guidance, particularly those with less experience.”

Bev Hurley – Chief Executive, YTKO Group


“My business may be small but it’s growing fast, and I know it’s essential to get good advice early on in areas where my experience and resources may not be plentiful. Just one conversation with Joy helped me look at things differently and helped me put some structures in place which will help me build a strong, motivated team.” 

Sue Keogh – Director, Sookio


“In the past we tried to deal with redundancy without sought professional advice and lived to deeply regret it when things went very wrong and cost us a lot more than they would had we done things properly in the first place. Joy Bemrose provided a service just to the level we needed in a flexible form, giving us confidence that we were managing things in the right way and taking all necessary precautions. She advised us on procedures and legal sensitivities, helping us to manage the expectations of the people who, unfortunately, we had to make redundant.  In short, she guided us through delicate and difficult process with skill and professionalism. We got through the crisis with a minimum of cost and lost time, and have happily moved on. We can recommend her services wholeheartedly.”

Neal Robbins – CEO, Local Secrets


“Joy has provided HR support to the on-going operations and development at the Secretariat of the International Whaling Commission since 2012.  She has specialist knowledge of HR legislation and policies, and in particular has been supportive in helping and coaching staff to achieve their full potential.  As part of this Joy has given several training workshops, each of which was well received by the participants because of Joy’s ability to build rapport with a very wide range of people.  Subjects for the workshops included team building and team dynamics (for the IWC management team) and training for the introduction of a staff appraisal system (to all staff members).”

Simon Brockington – Secretary to the Commission

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