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​My business may be small but it's growing fast, and I know it's essential to get good advice early on in areas where my experience and resources may not be plentiful. Just one conversation with Joy helped me look at things differently and helped me put some structures in place which will help me build a strong, motivated team.
Sue Keogh, Director, Sookio

In the past we tried to deal with redundancy without seeking professional advice and lived to deeply regret it when things went very wrong and cost us a lot more than they would had we done things properly in the first place. Joy Bemrose provided a service just to the level we needed in a flexible form, giving us confidence that we were managing things in the right way and taking all necessary precautions. She advised us on procedures and legal sensitivities, helping us to manage the expectations of the people who, unfortunately, we had to make redundant.  In short, she guided us through delicate and difficult process with skill and professionalism. We got through the crisis with a minimum of cost and lost time, and have happily moved on. We can recommend her services wholeheartedly.

Neal Robbins, CEO, Local Secrets Ltd

Having decided to actively look for a new role in my career I had the opportunity to understand my motivations through a Motivational Map and facilitation exercise by Joy, which dramatically changed my outlook on what "the perfect next job" would look like.  I was aware of some of my motivations but did not fully appreciate the three key ones that were outlined, though once they were brought to my consciousness I realised that choosing a role which had all three aspects would be key to feeling I had a truly fulfilling job. Following my review meeting with Joy I dramatically changed my orientation of career choices and since then have felt more confident in what roles I want to obtain.

 Sarah, Senior Manager of a Cambridge based Organisation